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  • For disabled a chair - a carriage for children

For disabled a chair - a carriage for children

For disabled a chair - a carriage for children
  • For disabled a chair - a carriage for children
  • For disabled a chair - a carriage for children
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Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
The wheelchair for children, new, folding is intended for movement of people with violation of functions of the musculoskeletal device.

It is equipped with the simplified folding mechanism, it develops compactly and displayed without tool lengthways on sitting.

The wheelchair has rotary support for legs with a belt of a kneeboard and the leaning-back armrests that allows the user without additional efforts independently to change from a carriage to other planes.

The wheelchair for disabled is equipped with the double strengthened crosspiece, strengthening a carriage basis. The strengthened framework for disabled a chair - carriages is made of the seamless pipes of a high-strength alloy covered with anti-shock and anticorrosive phosphatic and powder polyester structure that allows to carry out disinfection processing of a carriage without damage of its appearance and quality. The seat and an adjustable back a chair - carriages is made of the strong moisture resistant material microfiber impregnated with antibacterial structure which interferes with the increased sweating and developing of decubituses.

For bigger maneuverability the carriage has the forward thick, strong tselnorezinovy wheels allowing to overcome various obstacles softly and comfortably. Back driving wheels of a carriage are equipped with pneumatic tires from elastic, heat-resistant rubber of the international Carriage standard is supplied with the drum parking brake which is located on both driving wheels.

Dimensions carriage chair

Width of sitting is 35 - 40 cm,

carriage weight - 15 kg

working dimension in centimeters no more



loading capacity is 100 kg

Carriage complete set

1.tekhnichesky the passport (in the state and Russian languages)

2.universalny wrench

3. The pump for pneumotires (if tires inflatable)

4. Spare spokes

5. The first-aid kit for service and repair of pneumatic tires

Carriages are followed by documentation:

· the detailed instruction in the state and Russian languages

· The Kazakhstan certificate of CT-KZ (the certificate of origin of the CT-KZ form, RK Gosstandart given by department).

Chair carriage correspond to the technical regulations of "The requirement to technical means of rehabilitation of disabled people" approved by the resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 12, 2010 No. 1191.

At operation for disabled the chair carriage is not required additional expenses.
Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Age group: For children
Information is up-to-date: 21.02.2018

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