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Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan

The wheelchair is active, mobile, with the manual drive from a rim of a back driving wheel (it is set in motion by the user by means of transfer of effort of both hands to back wheels or manual oboda of back wheels), with the simplified mechanism of folding it is intended for carrying out walks and active recreation for disabled people with partial loss of functions of the musculoskeletal device in the conditions of rooms and the street.

The frame of a carriage is made of the seamless aluminum pipes covered with anti-shock anticorrosive fosfato-powder polyester structure.

The carriage crosspiece double strengthened with the additional depreciation device on back wheels.

There is a possibility of adjustment of an angle of landing of the user in relation to a floor due to adjustment of forward and back wheels down.

The carriage develops compactly and displayed without tool lengthways on a seat, thanks to the simplified folding mechanism.

The carriage is equipped with the rotary, leaning-back aside easily removable support for legs with footboards for a foot with fixing thongs (manual installation / dismantle of all mechanism of a footboard), with additional clamps to the directing tube that allows to change smoothly a tilt angle of support for legs with fixing it in necessary situation.

Support for a foot have smooth adjustment down not less than four provisions, and across not less than four provisions. Also the footboard tilt angle in relation to a support and the horizontal plane for additional convenience of the user is regulated. The chosen tilt angle reliably is fixed. For prevention of sliding on footboards also ridge surface.

Sidewalls are removable, are executed in the form of protective guards for wheels, if necessary lean back for a carriage back, for convenience during the landing and disembarkation from a carriage back. The fixing knot / rasfiksatsii a sidewall has no returnable springs and allows to manipulate it one hand.

Armrests adjustable across and down. Adjustment is down carried out by the telescopic button.

Back quick-detachable driving wheels - cast tires, are supplied by aluminum. Diameter of a back wheel is not less than 60 cm. Back driving wheels can be dismantled without efforts by one hand at the expense of an axis with a spring and ball clamp that allows to facilitate transportation and service

Forward wheels tselnolity with a diameter not less than 15 cm. The mechanism of forward wheels (fork) is also supplied with shock-absorbers and is adjusted on two provisions in relation to a floor.

From capsizing the wheelchair for disabled is equipped with the countersupport rollers (anti-tippers) regulated down. Rollers are dismantled without use of the tool.

Also the carriage is equipped with the parking brake, with an additional clamp which is located on both driving wheels that allows to hold a carriage from the movement at the most permissible load on the plane with an inclination to 40 degrees.

Seat and back a chair - carriages it is executed from two layers of high-quality special synthetic fabric, neutral thermally and chemically, reinforced by nylon fibers, impregnated with antibacterial structure which interferes with the increased sweating. For increase of comfort between layers of upholsteries the additional porous filler is enclosed.

For wear resistance increase the back is in addition reinforced by the rubberized belts, covering of a back removable.

Materials of which the carriage is made allow its operation in temperature conditions from - 250sdo + 450C

The carriage is completed with the special anti-antidecubital pillow made of material, neutral to biological liquids. Pillow thickness - no more than 5 cm.

All knots and mechanisms of a carriage are replaced, if necessary easily change.

Dimensions a chair - carriages:

The weight of a carriage is no more than 20 kg.

Loading capacity is not less than 140 kg.

Width when transporting no more than 25 cm.

Height when transporting no more than 95 cm.

Width in working order no more than 61 cm.

Seat width - 41 - 46 cm.

Seat depth - 40 cm

Carriage complete set

1. Universal wrenches

2. The pump for a rating of tires

3. Spare spokes

4. The first-aid kit for service and repair of pneumatic tires

Carriages are followed by documentation:

· Technical data sheet on state and russkomyazyka,

· the certificate of origin of the CT-KZ form, Gosstandart given by department, compliances about permission to use in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

· expert the conclusions by results of sanitary and epidemiologic examination with protocols of researches on safety of production

Chair carriage correspond to the technical regulations of "The requirement to technical means of rehabilitation of disabled people" approved by the resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 12, 2010 No. 1191.

Quality assurance on wheelchairs within 36 months from the date of delivery.

Warranty repair of chairs-kolyasokv limits of a warranty period.

At operation for disabled a chair - the carriage is not required additional expenses.

The Original of the guarantee certificate of manufacturer on ensuring responsibility for quality of a product is submitted
Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Type strollers:Wheel chair
Stroller type with manual drive:Active stroller
Information is up-to-date: 07.09.2018

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