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  • Wheelchair for disabled, universal, for adults

Wheelchair for disabled, universal, for adults

Wheelchair for disabled, universal, for adults
  • Wheelchair for disabled, universal, for adults
  • Wheelchair for disabled, universal, for adults
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Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Wheelchair for disabled folding with the manual drive from a wheel rim, multipurpose for movement of patients and disabled people with chastichnoyutraty functions of the musculoskeletal device, in the conditions of rooms and on platforms with a hard coating.

The frame is made of seamless steel pipes, has an anti-shock and corrosion-resistant coating.

Crosspiece - double, strengthened, on telescopic plugs for adjustment of depth of a seat.

The wheelchair is regulated on height on three levels with fixing of the situation chosen by the user. Driving wheels - back, are supplied with wide-profile pneumatic tires, metal spokes which provide the easy course

The carriage has the drive from a wheel rim for movement of the user independently, handles in the field of a back for movement by means of the accompanying person.

The parking brake, drum, is supplied with a clamp, on both wheels,

The armrests which - are leaning back removable have the universal shortened design.

The carriage is equipped with the rotary, leaning-back aside easily removable support for legs. Support are supplied with additional clamps to the directing tube that allows to change smoothly a tilt angle of support for legs with fixing it in necessary situation.

Footboards for legs with the relief surface preventing sliding of legs are regulated on height and fixed in necessary situation.

Covering of a seat and back a chair carriage is made of the special double polyvinylchloride impregnated with antibacterial structure which interferes with the increased sweating.

Materials of which the carriage is made allow its operation in temperature conditions from - 250sdo + 450C

All materials of which the wheelchair is made are made of the materials allowed for use in the Republic of Kazakhstan and are subject to processing by any dezsredstvo resolved in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The carriage has no the painted surfaces that allows to carry out processing of a carriage without damage to its appearance and quality by any means resolved in the Republic of Kazakhstan of a misinformation.

Quality for disabled a chair carriage is confirmed with bodies of the state system of technical regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan that is confirmed by the certificate of conformity.

Safety of operation a carriage chair - lack of harmful chemicals, is confirmed by the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion issued by government body of sanitary and epidemiologic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About sanitary and epidemiologic wellbeing of the population"

Dimensions carriage chair

Width of sitting of cm 41-46

Width in working order, mm 650

Mm height. (possibility of adjustment 900

Weight, net kg 16

Loading capacity of kg is up to 125

Carriage complete set

1. Universal wrenches

2. The pump for a rating of tires

3. Spare spokes

4. The first-aid kit for service and repair of pneumatic tires

Carriages are followed by documentation:

· Technical data sheet on state and russkomyazyka,

· the certificate of origin of the CT-KZ form, Gosstandart given by department, compliances about permission to use in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

· expert the conclusions by results of sanitary and epidemiologic examination with protocols of researches on safety of production

Offered a chair - carriages correspond to the technical regulations of "The requirement to technical means of rehabilitation of disabled people" approved by the resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 12, 2010 No. 1191

At operation for disabled a chair - the carriage is not required additional expenses.

Quality assurance on wheelchairs within 24 months from the date of delivery.

Warranty repair of chairs-kolyasokv limits of a warranty period.

At operation for disabled the chair carriage is not required additional expenses.
Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Type strollers:Armchair-carriage
Age group: For adults
Information is up-to-date: 21.02.2018

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